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Are You Ready?

Whether you are just starting your business, or you are ready to break the seven-figure mark and beyond, as a small business marketing coach I can get you to the next stage in your business.  We specialize in working with entrepreneurs and small business owners who are ready for their next big growth spurt. Most business owners know that they want to grow their business, and that they want higher revenue and more clients. The problem is that they are stuck in “HOW HELL”. Meaning they just don’t know how to do this without wasting lots of time and money with little or no guarantee that what they are going to get effective results. Sound like you? If so we can help.

How We Can Help Your Business Grow:

Spending 25+ years as a Marketing and Sales Vice President showed me the good, the bad and the ugly about how to run a business. Having spent several years running my own business and working with small business owners across North America helping you get out of “How Hell” is my specialty. If you are feeling stuck or like your business has plateaued, or you just want more for your business I have the solution.  I work with you in three fundamental areas.

  • Strategies the best ways to reach your business goals.
  • Systems what tools do you need to achieve the fastest results.
  • Support we can help you remove obstacles, stay accountable and take action

In the often-chaotic world of running your business, I act as your GPS for business growth and success. Offering course correction, roadmap, re-alignment or even a shift to bring your business into a reality that provides both revenue and a meaningful contribution to your life, which is why you started your business in the first place right?

Your Stage of Business:

No matter what stage of business, you are in you are always somewhere on the continuum of being a novice, and a master. Constantly having to grow your business, learn new things, take chances and understand the trends emerging in your industry. It is our role to help you navigate this growth process, so that you emerge with a clear roadmap, strategies and tools to drive your business to the next level as painlessly and quickly as possible. Every business owner knows change, growth and shifting our business priorities is the key to over-riding business success. We know that your business is as unique as you are and that is why we have a variety of coaching and consulting options to choose from.

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We provide proven Marketing strategies and systems to get you seamlessly into your next business phase. We identify what stage you are currently in and map out the fundamental path for your business growth. We are your safety net to ensure that you avoid costly mistakes that waste your time and your hard-earned money. But don’t get us wrong.  Our proven programs are not one size fits all.  After all your business is unique! We offer tried and true methods with a customized approach to get your business into six figures and beyond. We accelerate your growth, get you to the next stage of business and we have fun doing it! After all we are the Business Firestarter.

I encourage you to explore our site and find the program or service that is the perfect fit for you.  Then we would love to chat with you further about how we can make your business more streamlined, save you time and make you more money all while working with your incredible clients.

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