What others say about Liz Scott

Forever grateful to you Liz!

“Thank you Liz Scott for facilitating such a dynamic and informative program. I joined your Fast Fifty Program so I could streamline my systems, my Unique Selling proposition and align myself with my purpose. I wanted to share my passion with the world and because of you and this program I discovered exactly how I can. I now have a clear recognizable message and can clearly define who I am and what I offer. This may sound easy and I felt I was doing this well before however, after completing this program I am clear, confident and so happy! Not only am I so clear but everything in my business is streamlined and efficient! I am so grateful for all the information, worksheets and 1:1 support you provided! I highly recommend this program to those individuals who want to take their business to the next level. Forever grateful to you Liz!”

What a wonderful program

“What a wonderful program, and what a wonderful speaker.  Thanks for all the information and Insight.  I understand now why getting the right messaging is so important to getting new clients”

Working with Liz was great!

“Starting out as a new business owner can be a lonely and and crazy road. We are experts in our field but sometimes lack adequate business skills to run a business. Working with Liz was great! She helped me learn how to market my business to my target market and was really there to support me through all the ‘bumps’ in starting a business. By following what Liz was teaching and attending the monthly sessions I started to see my business grow. I found the experience very helpful to get My Sweet Beet off the ground and running. I would recommend Liz Scott to anyone who needs that extra motivation, sales and marketing skills and where to focus your energy to help your business grow.”

I always look forward to my conversations with Liz

“Liz Scott is most definitely a ‘Business Firestarter’! I recently started my own business and right from the moment I met Liz, she was interested and eager to help me in the world of entrepreneurship, a world I was very unfamiliar with. Her Fast Fifty program is excellent for people who need some direction and do not know where to start. I have used her practical networking tips to create meaningful relationships and have focused in on my ‘zone of excellence’. My business has taken off and I am excited about where it is going to go. I always look forward to my conversations with Liz. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of business experience and ideas. Thanks Liz!”

Amanda Gobatto
Digital Media Consultant

Keep Liz in your back pocket

“Keep Liz in your back pocket. Her Fast Fifty course will help you clear the cobwebs and truly get down to brass tacks allowing you to focus on what really needs to be done”.