What others say about Liz Scott

Great Experience

“We had a great experience with Liz’s one day leadership workshop and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their management skills”

Wisdom and Expertise

“Liz’s guidance, wisdom and expertise got me to where I has tried to get on my own for years.  What a great experience.”

Helen Kioulafofski

Engaging and Fun Speaker

  • “An engaging, fun, and personable speaker! Liz was the guest speaker at our yearly employee training conference, and the positive feedback was astounding. All the employees loved her outgoing, bubbly personality and got so much out of each of her sessions. Would definitely recommend Liz for as a professional development speaker at any event.”

So Many Positive Comments

“Thanks again for your workshop on presentation skills for non-presenters it was such a  great day, I am receiving so many positive comments.  I may bring you back in the coming months for another group of employees to participate.”

Liz came to our rescue

“When we first signed onto the Fast Fifty program we were in the infancy of our entrepreneurial adventure. There were so many things we were uncertain of, like how to effectively market our business to the right client, how to understand our true worth and price our services accordingly, and how to maintain consistent clientele.

Liz came to our rescue and with her one on one coaching coupled with her monthly webinars we were quickly placed on the right path to success. She took the time to understand our business and offer invaluable advice relative to what our goals were. The Fast Fifty program program helped us focus on developing what was a start-up at the time to a thriving and successful business.”

Kirsten & Anne-Marie