What’s Your WOW – What’s Ordinary Won’t Work

Let’s face it, as an entrepreneur and small business owner we live in a world with global competition.  The second that we create any online presence we really have placed ourselves in a global sphere.  This is one of many reasons that so many entrepreneurs struggle to be heard in an ever increasingly noisy world, and they struggle to get clients and build a thriving business.  We love what we do, we are passionate about what we do and most importantly we probably started our business in the first place because we saw someone we thought we could help.  Unfortunately this is not enough to create a sustainable business.  The Wall Street Journal determined that there are no specific personality traits that will determine who will succeed as an entrepreneur,http://www.wsj.com/articles/are-entrepreneurs-really-different-than-the-rest-of-us-1414965289, which is one more reason that we better have our WOW factor nailed.

This WOW factor is something I see entrepreneurs struggle with over and over again. Some folks see it as being boastful to talk about their Wow, some want to know their Wow but really don’t know what it is or how to express it in a compelling way to their potential customers, still others view it as something fluid that will materialize as their business progresses and gets more stable. Some quite frankly view it as something that is quite hit or miss – some people get lucky and others just don’t.  It is a kind of Marketing Magic that creates extraordinary from ordinary. Regardless of your belief system we have all seen people within our specific niches rise.  Lots of us scratch our heads as we watch people rise to the top of their field. We ask ourselves – what is it about them that makes them successful?  What have they got that I haven’t? What are they doing that I am not? Let me give you two tips as you progress down the path of finding your Wow.

Firstly be credible in what you are saying about yourself and your business.  Consumers today are more well read and well informed than anyone in a previous generation.  Don’t say that you offer the best customer service if your Yelp reviews contradict that.  Don’t claim to be an industry expert if your experience and credentials don’t match your premise.  In other words your Wow has to be in direct alignment with what the outside world sees you as. Think of your business as a type of car.  What are the qualities that your business represents? Fast, stable, reliable, wild? Using this analogy will help you get out of your head a bit and start to position you in terms of where you fall within your niche.  Be honest about this. It may not be where you want to end up but where do people see you right now.  It is great to have a future goal of where you want to end up, but to that we need to be realistic about where we are right now.

The second tip is to be memorable.  Now you might think that this is completely obvious and it may well be. But the question remains what do you want people to remember most about you and your business.  Because let’s get real.  We are our business and vice versa.  What is the lasting impression people get after listening to us, working with us or chatting with someone else about us?  You might be surprised what comes up.  Do some research!  Ask around.  Start to weave a business persona that will ultimately make you stand out in the crowd and then I will show you how to create a little Marketing Magic!

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