Top 3 Myths About How To Find High End Clients!

It takes time to build relationships with your clients and establish the well-known – know, like and trust factor.  Yet once you have done so, these clients are the very ones that are most likely to buy your high end offering. So you really want to find some folks that will buy your high end offering. So many people ignore this goldmine opportunity and search for the ever elusive “New Client” who is going to purchase their biggest package.   Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths around finding clients who will pay you what you really want.

Here are some of the most common myths about clients being willing to pay for your high end services

  • MYTH 1: We need to find rich people who throw their money around, and we just help them to direct some of it our way. In other words most of our clients won’t be able to afford our high end offering.
  • MYTH 2: High-end clients all congregate in some super-duper secret place that you don’t know about. If only we could find where they were hiding we would be able to tap into this secret stash of people.
  • MYTH 3: High-end clients have to have a lot of disposable income – they need to be fairly well off financially.

So, who are your premium clients? And where do you REALLY find them?

Here’s who your high-paying clients really are:

They Are Already In Your Target Audience:

Premium clients are already in your tribe! And chances are, they want a higher level of service than what you are currently offering. In every niche I’ve ever worked with, there have always been people who are hungry for a solution and are willing to pay more for your highest level of service in order to receive the absolute best you have to offer. About 10-20% of the people in your tribe want the highest level of service you’ve got – and are willing to invest into it. They don’t want a Band-Aid, and they don’t want to mess around with low-cost offerings, like a session or two of work, or an audio recording. They want the best, most effective solution with a high level of service and support that ensures they achieve their result. So you want to make sure that you create Premium Packages that offer the high level of results these people are craving.

They Have A Strong Desire For A Result

Here’s the second thing to know about premium clients: They have an urgent desire or need for things to be different than they are now. They want a complete solution that helps them achieve their most urgent result. As I’ve mentioned, they do NOT just want a quick fix that only takes them part of the way there. They want you to expertly hold their hand and guide them to the end result. The biggest sweet spot for you is the high-desire group inside your audience that knows they have an urgent problem to solve or a big result they really want. These are the people most likely to sign up for your Premium Packages right now.

They Won’t Tolerate The Pain Anymore

You know, human beings can tolerate a lot of suffering without doing anything about it. But your ideal high-paying clients are sick and tired of living with the pain or the challenges gnawing at them in their current situation. They are ready to devote their time and money to alleviating their pain – now. Your ideal clients are people who are tired of trying to figure things out on their own, and they’re ready to invest into getting expert help.

  • They don’t want to tolerate their weight and their negative relationship with their body anymore
  • They don’t want to tolerate being single
  • They don’t want to tolerate a relationship that’s not working
  • They don’t want to tolerate not having enough money or having debt
  • They don’t want to tolerate having emotional or physical pain
  • They don’t want to tolerate managing an underperforming team
  • They don’t want to tolerate their business not living up to its potenial

They’re saying, “Enough is enough, I need help!” And what they mean is, they want someone who can help them get all the way to their result, not just a session or a few hours of your time. They are ready to commit to transforming their lives and they want someone to hold their hand and stand by their side until they get the results they desire.

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