How To Create a Miracle Marketing Plan – Get Ready for 2017

As a Marketing Coach and Consultant, entrepreneurs and small business owners often ask me if they really need a Marketing plan, and if so how do they create one.  For most entrepreneurs creating a Marketing plan is well outside their scope of expertise and their comfort zone.   Many feel completely overwhelmed by it and in fact only 17% of North American Entrepreneurs ever create a plan in the first place.  Let’s start off the New Year by being part of the select few who create a Marketing plan so that you have a roadmap to having the best year in your business ever.

Firstly don’t panic, creating your 2017 plan is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Your plan can be very simplistic, and in fact I encourage you to do just that, if you are going to attempt this for the first time.  Your Marketing plan is the GPS for your business and really contains three fundamental elements that must be considered to drive your business in the right direction.

  1. Vision – it all starts with your vision. Your vision is the anchor of your business and should be given consideration for the beginning of your new year.  It doesn’t have to be grandiose but you need to understand the direction that you want your business to move in, otherwise you could end up in a destination that is not too pleasant.  Jot down what you want for your business in the next year. More clients, revenue, wider reach, expansion, franchising, streamlining, stability, more leisure time, hiring staff, outsourcing.  Pick a couple and start with those. Write your vision at the top of a blank page.  Don’t over think it, pick a couple of key areas and move to the next stage.


  1. Goals – Now that you have created your vision, realistically how are you going to achieve what you want? I recommend that you set one goal per quarter that is going to help you create the end result to achieve your vision.  Picking one goal for every 90 days is a great place to start.  On the same sheet of paper below your vision write 1,2,3,4 down the side of the page leaving space below each number.  Now write down your goal for each quarter. Again you don’t have to set huge goals for yourself each quarter.  Maybe you want to start a newsletter to connect with your clients, maybe do more networking, create a webinar, whatever it is.  Make sure that it the goals tie back to what it is that you want to accomplish during the year, which is what you mapped out in your vision.


  1. Tactics or Action Steps – This is where the rubber hits the road. What action(s) are you going to take to achieve your goals?  Under each goal on your sheet of paper list two or more steps that you are going to put into action to make sure that you achieve your goal.  Put a date beside each action step. Guess what? You have just created your 2017 Marketing Plan.  Feel free to add more actions as you create greater detail for what you want to accomplish.


Refer to this one pager often and continue to build on it throughout the year. Post it on your office wall and schedule the action tasks into your calendar to ensure that you execute on your plan. Congratulations you are now part of the 17% who have created a Marketing plan, go forth and execute because taking action is everything. Enjoy a prosperous New Year!

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