Bigger Business. Better life!

The Business FireThriver program is the only program of its kind geared specifically to helping established business owners to develop growth strategies and implement proven techniques to build a bigger business and better life. The time is now to plunge forward and shift your business to working hard for you, instead of the other way around. You want more free time and to make more money from your business plain and simple. deal head on with the Marketing and Sales issues they face in the early stages of their business. We get laser focused on the things that matter most to getting you on a growth trajectory to get you thriving. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms below, then this is the right program for you.

– Symptoms that showcase that your business is ripe for a pivot to a bigger opportunity

– You have been in business for a while now and you are still struggling to make as much money as you want to enjoy the lifestyle you crave

– Your Business has plateaued, and you aren’t really growing – you have been doing the same thing for a number of years now – not really gaining the traction that you want

– You are watching others in your industry succeed while you feel you are not rising to the top

– You are unsure of what you must do to get out of this “business rut” You just want faster more consistent growth

– You don’t feel the same level of passion for your business as you once did.

– You have tried different things but nothing seems to work well to get your business running smoothly and your client base and revenue stream consistent.

In other words, you are doing OK in your business, but you are hungry for more, you know it’s there, you watch others achieve it, but it continues to elude you!

If you answer YES to any or all these questions, then this is the program for you:

Business FireThriver

The Business FireThriver Program is like no other, in that upon completion of this program you will have:

– A focused roadmap to your business pivot

– The 5 R’s Business Process to Repeatable Success

– Your personalized Business GAP MAP and growth trajectory

– 3 Pillar strategy for on-line Marketing growth

– Goal setting system to avoid Business fatigue

AND… much, much more.

We have worked with, mentored, taught and guided Entrepreneurs through our proven program for many years now and help them to go on to fill their business with their ideal clients.

Exclusively designed to help entrepreneurs with three or more years of experience running their business to achieve higher revenues, avoid business fatigue and THRIVE in the industry space in which they operate.

Liz was there to guide us every step of the way

“Working with Liz Scott couldn’t have happened at a better time. We had been working in solo-practice for many years and learned the hard way of how not to do things. We made the jump into partnership and needed some help in organizing our ideas and getting some goals laid out.  The coaching/consulting was very comprehensive and Liz was there to guide us every step of the way.  We found the accountability aspect to be the most valuable part of the process.  Sometimes you need to know that someone will be following up on the “homework” we were given each month.   We would highly recommend Liz to anyone who is wanting to take their business to the next level.”

Kristi Clements and Jessica Payne

Great pleasure to work with Liz

“I have had the great pleasure to work with Liz Scott this past year.  She is an enthusiastic lady who refuses to believe that there is not more out there for you – she was definitely my champion.  She has been inspirational in assisting me in growing my coaching business and has been a great sounding board for potential thoughts and ideas.  She speaks her truth that will assist you to succeed in whatever direction you choose.  Liz definitely has an “open-door” policy that is flexible and adaptable to your needs as well.  It has been a true honour to have had worked with her and I wish is that we can continue to collaborate in the future as we grow into super successful entrepreneurs.”

Marni Renner–Leadership Coach

Liz Scott’s business coaching was immensely valuable to us

“As a group of entrepreneurs merging three businesses into one, Liz Scott’s business coaching was immensely valuable to us. She helped us get focused, stay focused, and build our unique pricing structure so that we were able to increase our overall revenue. We’re moving forward, fast…thanks to Liz!”

I gained a lot of ground fast with her guidance

“Working with Liz Scott right at the beginning of my business gave me an incredible start.  I gained a lot of ground fast with her guidance.  I knew how to do my job and run my business, but I didn’t know how to market myself to get quality clients and separate myself from ‘just another Virtual Assistant’.  Liz really helped me see the big picture of each of the marketing tools and how to use them to my advantage.  She helped me go from start-up to entrepreneur.  I would highly recommend Liz Scott as a Business Growth Strategist.”

Melissa Haddad
MH Virtual Assistants