About The FireStarter Selling Program

FireStarter Selling

Sell More. Close More!

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t closing more sales in your business?

Have you felt sure that you were going to get a new client only to fall short at the end of the sales call?

Do you struggle with overcoming objections?

Are you working way too hard to get the sales you want?

If you are tired of not getting everything that you want out of your business – and you want more clients, more cash and to simplify your sales conversations then this is the program for you.

In this program you will learn:

– Your Best Sales Assets

– Your Personal Sales Pitfalls

– How to Close More Clients Faster

– How to increase your sales up to 75%

– Why Your Selling Style Might Be Turning People Off

– Your Biggest Sales Bang

– And… The Sixty Second Close

You receive a comprehensive Sales Success Assessment that is geared specifically to YOU! This is not generic one size fits all sales program. This is all about YOU and how you respond in real sales situations. How to make YOU more successful and feel great when you bring on new clients.
If you want to sell more and close more then this is the right program for you!