Business FireStarter

About The Business FireStarter Program:

The Business FireStarter Program is the only program of its kind geared specifically to helping new entrepreneurs get their first 50K in revenue and deal head on with the Marketing and Sales issues they face in the early stages of their business. We get laser focused on the things that matter most to getting you on the road to success and that is Clients and Revenue. If you answer YES to any or all of these questions then this is the program for you:

– Are you new to the Entrepreneurial world and love what you do but struggle with the Marketing & Sales side of your Business?

– Are you overwhelmed with all the kinds of Marketing out there and unsure which one will give you the best bang for your buck?

– Is Fear holding you back from going out and talking to potential clients? Do you even know what to say when you actually find them?

– Are you looking for proven steps to get you out from behind your computer and actually getting paying clients?

– The Business FireStarter Program is like no other in that upon completion of this program you will have:

– A keen understanding of your IDEAL client – where they are and how to reach them

– How to speak to your clients in a language THEY understand AND get them to pay you

– How to Price, Package and Leverage what you offer to be ultra client attractive

– Simple Selling steps that will take the FEAR out of the dreaded sales process

AND… much, much more.

We have worked with, mentored, taught and guided Start-Up Entrepreneurs through our proven program for many years now and help them to go on to fill their business with their dream clients.

Exclusively designed to help you stop wasting TIME and MONEY doing the wrong kinds of Marketing and get you into making a difference in the world. Provided North American wide to get you on the path to success, happiness and a boat load of clients! If you only make ONE Marketing investment this year. This should  be IT! Contact us now!

What people are saying about The Business FireStarter Program:


“Liz Scott is most definitely a ‘Business Firestarter’! I recently started my own business and right from the moment I met Liz, she was interested and eager to help me in the world of entrepreneurship, a world I was very unfamiliar with. Her Fast Fifty program is excellent for people who need some direction and do not know where to start. I have used her practical networking tips to create meaningful relationships and have focused in on my ‘zone of excellence’. My business has taken off and I am excited about where it is going to go. I always look forward to my conversations with Liz. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of business experience and ideas. Thanks Liz!”  – Amanda Gobatto – Digital Media Consultant

“Liz truly is a firestarter! She knows just how to get you motivated and staying on track, moving forward in your business. She has a unique ability to provide suggestions that directly match your business. After completing her Fast 50, I am feel that I am much more on track and organized to move forward and tackle growth!”  – Paula Cowan – Career Transition Coach

“Keep Liz in your back pocket. Her Fast Fifty course will help you clear the cobwebs and truly get down to brass tacks allowing you to focus on what really needs to be done”. – Charlotte Kirby – Founder the Village Hive

Extremely informative and valuable for entrepreneurs at every level.  After taking this program I doubled my client base in under 30 days” – Pat Brooks – Brooks Creative Branding & Consulting

“What a wonderful program, and what a wonderful speaker.  Thanks for all the information and Insight.  I understand now why getting the right messaging is so important to getting new clients” – Maria Morgunova – Invision Pro Videography

“Wow, Liz knows her stuff!  Thanks for being so generous with your knowledge.  I can’t wait for the next session”.  “I used to hate selling but now I ask for what I want and I receive the full rates for my program” – Janet Reis – The Money Counsellor