Client Attraction Strategies – Let’s Get Real

Let’s face it.  As entrepreneurs our number one priority is to get clients, and more clients and then even more still.  Yet this very thing is presents the greatest challenges to folks who run their own business.  As a Business Coach and Marketing Consultant, I work with business owners at various stages of growth, some who are trying to get their first clients and some who are trying to get their hundredth.  Either way their biggest pain point seems to be how to figure out the best, easiest and most cost effective way to attract new clients.

For as many types of client attraction methods that there are, blogging, social media, digital, advertising, referrals etc, there will be an equal number of experts telling you which Marketing technique will be the best use of your money, depending on what it is that they are selling of course.  The truth of the matter is that if you are under your first hundred thousand in revenue then you should be spending your time, and your money, investing in building relationships face to face.  Sure you say – that’s obvious.  But is it?  I see countless people spending time and money creating online programs, boosting posts, writing books and all manner of other things before they have even reached fifty thousand in revenue.

How realistic is it that people will buy from you if they don’t know you?

Highly unlikely that is why so many people hear crickets when they promote an online course, webinar or program.

Sure building relationships takes time but it is also the best way to get your first 100K of revenue. Here are the best strategies for you to get new clients and continue to build your business.

Networking – Yes sure you say we all know that.  But here is the difference only network in groups that have at least fifty percent of your ideal clients. Don’t go because you like the group or they have great food.   Go because at least half of the folks in the group fall into your ideal client category.  Then consciously seek out the group members who could become perfect clients.  Keep going for at least six months – remember it takes time to build those relationships.

Word of mouth – find your cheer leaders and get them talking about you wherever and whenever you can.  Over deliver always.  This will create raving fans but here is the catch.  Tell them exactly who your ideal client is and how you can help them.  Be as specific as possible so that they can identify easily who might be a great fit for you.  It wouldn’t hurt either if you offered them something for the referral if it pans out because people love to get free stuff – even if they are one of your biggest fans!

Finally join a leads group.  Yes they take commitment and sometimes a little bit of cash but they do work.  You are building face to face relationships and the sole purpose of these groups is to get you referrals for your ideal clients.  It may not be your cup of tea but until you get your first hundred thousand of revenue you need to be a part of these kinds of networks.

So stick to the basics until you hit six figures.  Don’t get overwhelmed with every glitzy Marketing strategy that pops up.  Keep it real and keep it face to face. Build relationships and watch the clients roll in.

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