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Are you looking for a Business Program? We realize that not all businesses need the same types of focus depending on what stage your business is at, and as such we offer a wide variety of Business Programs to suit all of your business needs. We provide:

Business Growth Strategies, Online and Offline Marketing Programs, Digital Marketing and Automation Strategies and all great things related to getting you more Clients and more Cash!

Her clients hire her for her Business savvy, no BS approach and of course her signature trait of making Marketing and Sales fun!


The Fast Fifty Program – Marketing Made Simple

This Business Program is a true Game Changer and is designed for any Entrepreneur with revenue less than 50K per year.  This Business Program will save you thousands of dollars by learning the right Marketing and Sales methods to get you fast tracked to your first fifty thousand in revenue.  It will teach how to avoid costly Marketing errors that waste your time and your money, but most importantly it will get you Clients in the early stages of your business.  So many entrepreneurs waste Time and Money doing the wrong kinds of Marketing to get clients.  Their messaging is muddled, they are doing multiple kinds of Marketing but nothing is working well or they simply don’t know what kind of Marketing they should be doing to ramp up their business quickly.  If this sounds like the stage of your business then this is the program for you.

Simple Selling on Steroids – Sell More. Close More

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t closing more sales in your business? Have you felt sure that you were going to get a new client only to fall short at the end of the sales call? Do you struggle with overcoming objections? Are you working way too hard to get the sales you want?

If you are tired of not getting everything that you want out of your business – and you want more clients, more cash and to simplify your sales conversations then this is the Business Program for you.  This Program includes a full personal DISC Sales Assessment to understand your sales style, pitfalls and how to close more business.

What‘s Your WOW!

What’s ordinary won’t cut it anymore.  We know you are unique in what you do, but how do your clients know it?  This program is a fast track to clearly identifying, mapping out and messaging what your WOW is.  It is critical for you to stand out in what you do.  Whether you are Marketing online or offline you need to really stand out.  Your WOW is what truly makes the Marketing Magic happen.  After all you only have about 10-20 seconds to make your mark before people move on, especially if people are searching on-line. Find out how to set yourself apart in a world full of competition and never be viewed as ordinary again.

Private Coach Consulting

This is designed for the individual or small business owners who want to do a deep dive into their business and drill down into specific areas they are struggling with.  It could be Business or Marketing planning, a new product launch, expansion strategies.  The objective of Private Coach Consulting is to build an action and implementation plan to solve your immediate needs. These sessions are likely to appeal to more seasoned entrepreneurs who need more advanced Marketing techniques and systems to expand their already existing business. These sessions are designed completely based on the needs and goals of the individual business owner and are tailored directly toward your needs.