How to Stop Your Business From Being The Best Kept Secret!

If you are a small business owner, chances are that you know your product or service offering is great.  You’ve done your research and you know that there is Market demand for what it is that you are offering.  So how come the clients aren’t pouring through your door.  Why isn’t your phone ringing off the hook? Do you wake up and think that your business is one of the best kept secrets around? Being a Business Success Consultant I hear this a lot.  People want to know the best way to get Awareness and Action for their business.  So here are a few ways to get your business moving.

  1. Get Out and Get Noticed – Too often I see folks sitting behind their computers playing on social media and expecting their phone to ring. People buy from people so get out into your target community and make yourself known.  Make sure that you are networking in groups where at least fifty percent of the attendees fall into your ideal target audience, only then will it be a valuable use of your time.  The more visible you can be the higher the chances that you and your business will be known.  Obvious yes, but then why is it that we see the same people out and about at every event when others hide behind social media posts and their actual self is rarely seen.


  1. Start Something – One of the fastest ways for your business to get noticed is to be at the center of things and to be at the center means it is likely something that you have started. Yes it might be a bit scary, but it can also be very rewarding in ways that you never imagined.  Start a monthly lunch group, a Mastermind group, an industry event, a Q&A forum.  It doesn’t have to be large and grand but the point is that you and your brand will get noticed.  You will be seen as an innovator and slowly you will establish yourself as a thought leader in your community.  The point is that action breeds results.  Get a bunch of like-minded business owners together and make something happen!


  1. Volunteer – This is a great way for your business to be seen, with very little cost to you. You likely have some area of expertise that would be of value to an event host, charity, association or wherever your target audience hangs out.  Don’t get me wrong, volunteer work is awesome, but this is volunteering with a purpose.  The purpose is to gain exposure for your business so make certain that you are volunteering in an area that could gain you potential clients or exposure for your business.  It is also greatly appreciated by event organizers and this will increase the likelihood that they will refer you or introduce you to more potential clients.

There are no two ways about it you have to visible and vocal to grow your business so let’s get out there and make it happen!

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