Year of Fear – Top 4 Reasons Your Business Growth is Blocked!

As a Business Growth Strategist and Consultant, I see a great number of things that block business owners from real success but none as great as being in their own way.  I can teach you the fundamentals of Sales and Marketing and most of you will get it, but I have still found that there are four main reasons that you can find your business growth blocked.  The first of these areas is –

  1. Courage: Just taking the step to become and entrepreneur took tons of courage but most entrepreneurs are still holding back in some area of their business.  So ask yourself what do you want in your business?   More clients, money, freedom, and the next stage of growth whatever it is for you.  No matter where you are in your business it takes courage to keep on going.  The growth cycle will never end. Here’s the thing that happens to most entrepreneurs.  They worry about money both coming in and going out AND they worry about what other people are going to think of them.  REALLY there is always someone who will tell you that your idea won’t work, you are crazy to start your own business, most businesses fail in the first 5 years etc.

Here is a true story about crabs in a bucket

If one of the crabs in a bucket starts to climb high toward the top of the bucket the other crabs will literally pull that crab back down into the bucket with the rest of them.  Sound familiar?

If money and what other people thought were not an issue what would you do?

So ask yourself this how much that is holding you back is due to money and other people opinion of what it is you want to try?  Imagine what you could accomplish in your business if these were not factors.  How much of these things are actually real!

What is your “Fear Barrier”?

Most business owners get stuck in their business at some point.  And the stuck point is most often due to their own Fear Barrier – so what is your fear barrier?  The further from your comfort zone that you go the greater your discomfort people usually hit the point just before their absolute terror barrier and give up and return to the comfort zone.  This is why you see people trying and failing and each time the turn back they are more likely to quit earlier. This fear barrier comes up over and over in your business every time you step out of your comfort zone.  Starting a new program, hiring a new employee, starting a new Marketing campaign or whatever it is. Understand that it will always be there in your business, and that the closer you get to a break through the more uncomfortable you will feel, which means that a breakthrough is right on the other side. The second thing blocking your growth is

  1. Confidence:

Trying is action fail quickly – WHY because no action will guarantee a complete lack of results. The Old adage of “Fake it until you make it” is actually true because you are taking some kind of action. Law of perpetual motion states action will get some result.  It may not end up with the result that you thought that you would get it may be worse or it may be better.  But ask yourself this – are you holding back because of FEAR, What other people will think or coming from a place of lack – i.e. Money.  One of the reasons that people lack confidence is that they don’t understand that the cycle of change is always present in your life and your business.  Have the confidence to face whatever changes come into your business.  Take the next step to grow.  Change is inevitable so the more adaptable you are the better the chances that your business will thrive.

  1. Competence

This may be surprising to some because here is what I get all the time.  Follow your passion and you will be able to build your dream business.  NOT TRUE!  Passion is an element that is true but you still need to have a high level of competence in what you do. You will also need to learn new skills to keep your business fresh and growing. Being passionate about something will not grow your business you need competence in a great many areas to be an entrepreneur and like change, learning and mastery are part of everyone’s business. The point is don’t start a business based on a weak skill set.   I often tell my clients that this is like the foundation of a house.  You can’t build a strong house based on a weak foundation.  Building a business is the same – start with a strong skill set and go from there.

  1. Commitment

The Last “C” to becoming an amazing Entrepreneur is Commitment.  Everyone says that they are committed to making their business a success but here is what I see.  A lot of people who are risk adverse and will only stretch themselves so far out of their comfort zone. Ask yourself this

What are you resisting?

Here is why most people resist:

You FEAR it.

You Don’t like it.

You Don’t know how to do it.

So pick something that you have been resisting. Calling a prospect, raising your prices, moving into a new area in your business – just jot it down

Why are you resisting?

Now take a look at why you think that you might be resisting it. REALLY – not I don’t have time because that is an excuse.

Don’t Focus on the “How”

Here is what I see when it comes to commitment – resistance often shows up as HOW.  Well yes I would like to double my income but how the hell am I going to do that?  HOW is a huge block that people create in their minds. Instead of asking yourself HOW – ask yourself this

WHAT ELSE CAN I DO?  To double my income, to get more clients, to find new business.  This is where the power really lies because now your mind is already looking for possibilities. By asking what else can I do your mind, both subconscious and conscious automatically begins to look for solutions.

The 4 C’s is a continuous cycle that you will constantly be going through in your life and your business.  So here is my final thought.  Many people when they look at this process feel like they are taking one step forward and two steps back.  But in reality every time you take action you are moving in an upward spiral in your business on the learning curve.  Learn from the past but focus on the future.

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